Traces of You


Traces Of You

February 2018 will see the European release of Kristin’s long awaited solo album Traces Of You.

Kristin’s new, enchanting songs, based on her commissioned work Traces of You for Global Oslo Music in 2016, are already met with outstanding response. Kristin has written all music and lyrics.

Traces Of You has become a timeless and very personal album from this outstanding Norwegian singer.

New fields of music

Based on her strong melodies and poetic lyrics, Kristin has on Traces of You explored new fields of music. The songs have developed a haunting sound where vocals, guitars, kora, n’goni and hand claps are woven creatively into a warm, intimate and organic vibration. The music glows with a shimmering dark heat, subdued yet raw, showing traces of West African dance rhythms, Nordic contemporary jazz and contemplative church music.
Kristin sings lyrically in dialog with griot Suntou Susso, using excerpts of her poems translated into Mandinka language.

The music is a powerful, mesmerizing exploration, embracing the complexity and beauty of belonging. The expression is tender with a quiet intensity, carried forward by an incredibly strong awareness in the way Kristin and her musicians are approaching each song with deep beauty. The music soulfully flows, touchingly grounded in Kristin’s unique voice.

Oustanding musicians

On this album Kristin wanted to collaborate closely with her long-term guitarist Olav Torget, a musician who has been very important in enriching her musical landscape. The album also introduces a new musical encounter with the Gambian griot Suntou Susso.

The arrangements are so finely tuned and rich in texture, with a playful interaction between the musicians, still the music – tender and somber expressions – maintains the simplicity and the warm intimacy from where the songs were born.


  • Olav Torget – guitars and n’goni, Suntou Susso – kora and vocals,
  • Anders Engen – percussion,  Monica Ifejilika –  vocals.
  • Recorded and mixed by Ulf Holand, Oslo.

Label: Global Sonics/Øra Music via Rough Trade distribution

Listen to “Promise”, the new single from the upcoming album “Traces of You”:
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– Communiqué de presse à télécharger ICI

About the project with Kristin Asbjørnsen/Ablaye Cissoko/Olav Torget


Live at Caféteatret i Oslo, 12.  March 2016


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