Kristin Asbjørnsen

Singer and songwriter Kristin Asbjørnsen is one of the most distinguished artists on the vibrating extended music scene in Norway. Over the last decade, she has received overwhelming international response from critics and the public alike for her personal and unique musical expression.

Spring 2016 saw a new, captivating collaboration between Kristin Asbjørnsen, the Senegalese kora player Ablaye Cissoko and the Norwegian guitarist Olav Torget. Kristin was invited by Global Oslo Music to compose new songs, and the commissioned work called «Traces of you» was performed at Caféteatret in Oslo, March, 2016. More concerts coming up during autumn 2016, including Olavsfestdagene in Trondheim 3rd August and Oslo World Festival (Riksscenen) 3rd November.

2013/2014 saw the release of Kristin´s enchanting solo album “I´ll meet you in the morning”(via Emarcy/Universal) followed by an extended tour in Norway, Germany and France with Kristin Asbjørnsen Ensemble. The music affectionately reveals her enduring passion for African American spirituals. Kristin is performing concerts during 2016 in different duo, trio and quartet formats.

Kristin’s enchanting and critically acclaimed solo-album “I’ll meet you in the morning” (Emarcy/Universal Music 2013/2014) was followed by an extended release tour and festival concerts in Germany, France, Norway, Spain and Austria. The music affectionately reveals her enduring passion for African American spirituals as well as her own compositions. During 2016 Kristin will continue to perform in Europe, in different duo, trio and quartet formats, combining songs from her latest album with her earlier work “The night shines like the day” and “Wayfaring stranger” as well as introducing new songs.

This is a great opportunity to experience the best of the best from this outstanding Norwegian singer!

Recent news

Summer gigs coming up

Published June 13, 2016

Kristin is invited to Olavsfestdagene, Trondheim 3rd August – with the brand new collaborative project with Ablaye Cissoko/Olav Torget (the commisioned work «Traces of you» by Global Oslo Music), as well as 7th August at Dromos Festival in Sardinia, Italy (Kristin Asbjørnsen Quartet) and at Gümüslük Festival in Turkey (with Olav Torget) 9th August.


En spirituell opplevelse... Etter gårsdagens konsert i Vår Frue kirke gleder vi oss veldig til Kristin Asbjørnsens nye album.

Adresseavisa fra Olavsfestdagene

Upcoming concerts

3rd August

Dokkhuset, Olavsfestdagene, Trondheim - Norway

Kristin Asbjørnsen/Ablaye Cissoko/Olav Torget: «Traces of You» Kristin’s commissioned work by Global Oslo Music

7th August

Dromos Festival, Sardinia - Italiy

Kristin Asbjørnsen Quartet
(with Olav Torget – guitars, Gjermund Silset – bass, Knut Ålefjær – drums and David Solheim – sound)

9th August

Gümüslük Festival, - Turkey

Kristin Asbjørnsen/Olav Torget Duo

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